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Clean-Out Services.

Do you have a bunch of junk? Are you tired of a cluttered, messy, and disorganized house, basement, storage, or garage? We are here to give you a helping hand with your decluttering project! whether you need help clearing out an estate or getting rid of years of accumulated stuff in your basement, or cleaning out a rental property, your garage, or business,  our dumpster rentals and clean-out service offer the ideal solution for your needs. It's also an easy and cost-effective way to dispose of the junk accumulated over the years, or the garbage from home renovations, and remodeling projects. If you have piles of stuff driving you crazy, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about anything but your project! Call us at 847.419.1416 we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate on clean-out services or a roll-off dumpster rental that would fit your needs.

Clean-Out Service In Palatine, IL | D & M RollOff

Is your house or business making you cranky? Are you Overwhelmed by Clutter? 

D & M Rolloff Inc. could help you get rid of the garbage in your life!

Clean-out prices starting at $175  per hour, plus the cost of dumpsters or any special equipment needed.

Please Note: Mattress, Boxsprings, and Tires have an additional charge of $ 75 ea; due to the difficulty of disposal  in the landfills.

Our Prices


Residential refuse

Easy walk-in loading; holds a max of 10 tons. Perfect for office clutter or garage clean-out. 

20 Yard Dumpster

16' Long,  8' Wide, 5' High

3 Tons Limit. Overweight Billed At $75 Per Ton.

Starting At

$ 450 For a 20 Yrd D


Residential refuse

Easy walk-in loading; holds max 10 tons. Perfect for estate clean-outs & foreclosures.

30 Yard Dumpster

18' Long,  8' Wide, 7' High

4 Tons limit. Overweight billed at $75 per ton.

Starting At

$ 500 for a 30 Yrd D.


Price Varies Per Dumpster Size, Job, And Location

Terms of Use & Conditions

Special Instructions

Dumpsters used for concrete, dirt, sand, brick, or gravel are only allowed to be filled halfway; the container cannot be filled to the top, Max of 10 tons to avoid an unlawful overweight. Do not place the following materials in the dumpsters: Hazardous Waste (any product labeled toxic, poison, corrosive, flammable, or irritant). Paint Oil Automotive Batteries Tires Electronic Waste (electronic equipment such as computers, TV’s)  No Infectious Waste (including used needles). The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits or documents in regard to the placement of D & M RDS. Failure to obtain permits, the customer will be liable for any fines or penalties incurred by D & M RDS.  

Please Note:

*Mattress, Boxsprings, and Tires have an additional Charge of $ 75 Ea; Due to the Difficulty Of Disposal  In The Landfills.

*Do not block the location for the Dumpster, the Dumpster area should be accessible at All Times; If We are unable to deliver or pick up your dumpster due to any vehicles or materials blocking the access you will be charged a $ 250 trip fee.


D & M RollOff  Dumpster Services LLC. shall not be responsible for any damages during the rental period. Roll-off / Dumpster will most likely cause some damage, such as scratching and scrapes on the surface they are placed, due to its metal wheels and weight.  To prevent or minimize damages we strongly recommend that the dumpster be placed on a hard surface, we suggest placing various pieces of plywood beneath the dumpster to balance out the weight distribution and to protect your placement area. If placed on the lawn, the dumpster will sink into the ground and cause damage to the lawn surface and or irrigation system at delivery and pick up.

D & M RollOff Dumpster Services LLC, shall not be responsible for any damages during the rental period. The client is responsible for all damages to surfaces of the container location area and damages to any property associated, subsurface of any obstruction of route necessary to perform the services contained herein such as overhead objects, electrical wire, overhangs or trees, etc.

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