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D & M RollOff Dumpster Services
Serving Barrington, IL "Be Inspired”

Barrington, IL is just 40 miles northwest of Chicago, it’s a beautiful, historic suburb known for its small-town charm, and is surrounded by the largest residential historic district in the state of Illinois.

The Barrington area is home to more than 43,000 residents and consists of  7 independent villages in the 90-square-mile; which consists of  Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington Hills,  Lake Barrington, Tower Lakes,  Port Barrington as well as small portions of Carpentersville, Deer Park,  Hoffman Estates,  Fox River Grove and Inverness. 

D & M RollOff Dumpster Services is a locally owned, and family-operated, independent dumpster rental company serving Barrington, IL, and the surrounding areas. We've been providing our customers with affordable and reliable dumpster rentals since 1994, and we are ready to help you get started on your project today! 

We offer 20 & 30-yard dumpsters rental for residential, commercial construction, and property clean-out projects. If you need a dumpster for your next project in one of the Barrington Villages or surrounding areas, we can help you find the right size for your project.

Whether you are renovating your home or cleaning out your basement or garage, we have 20 & 30-yard size dumpsters to accommodate your needs.

Our experienced staff will help you determine which size dumpster is right for your project. When working on any type of remodeling or renovation project, it is important to consider how you will dispose of any waste created in your process. One convenient waste removal solution for many common projects is the use of a 20 cubic yard size dumpster. This size dumpster is great for various construction tasks, providing an easy and efficient way for workers to dispose of waste debris.​ Our 20 cubic yard size dumpsters are ideal for residential uses like kitchen renovations, bathroom makeovers, shingle re-roofing, flooring remodels, and whole-home cleanouts. There will be ample room in this dumpster to store any debris that may be generated as a result of these activities. As with most roll-off dumpsters, our 20 & 30-yard containers are equipped with a door at one end that opens for easy walk-in loading. The system is especially useful for loading heavy bulky objects into dumpsters, such as furniture, appliances, and demolition debris.


​There are many benefits to using this type of dumpster, one of which is its ability to contain large amounts of garbage. Due to its 20 cubic yards of capacity, this size dumpster can store up to twenty cubic yards of material, or up to 4 tons of debris. Our roll-off dumpsters are 16 ft L x 8 ft W x 5 ft H In conclusion, using 20 cubic yard size roll-off dumpsters can be a great way to ensure efficiency, safety, and convenience during remodeling and renovation projects.


Investing in this type of waste removal option will help save time and make your project run more smoothly.​Our prices are very competitive and we offer discounts when you rent more than one container at a time. We provide timely delivery and pick-up on our roll-off dumpster rentals, as well as a variety of options to fit different needs and budgets. Renting a 20 cubic yard size dumpster is also a cost-effective option for contractors and homeowners. Renting this size roll-off dumpster can be more affordable than paying for multiple pickup truckloads or hauling it yourself, this way helping to save money in the long run.


At D & M RollOff Dumpster Services, we make sure to dispose of your waste in an environmentally friendly way by following local regulations, in most cases we are able to recycle up to 70% of the garbage we collect. Our staff is committed to providing you with the best service possible. We understand that every job is different and we will work hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our workmanship and customer service.​

For information about the Barrington community, and or building permits  you can click on the following link: Barrington Development Building Permit Process​ 

Our Prices

construction debris dumpster

Construction Debris

Easy walk-in loading. Perfect for kitchen remodeling; bathroom remodeling; roof tear-offs; decks, or fences  

20 Yard Dumpster

16' Long,  8' Wide, 5' High

 3.5 Tons Limit. Overweight Billed At $75 Per Ton.

Starting At

$ 485 For a 20 Yrd

residential roll off dumpster rental

Construction Debris

Easy walk-in loading. Perfect for new construction; garage demolition commercial remodeling

30 Yard Dumpster

18' Long,  8' Wide, 7' High

4.5 Tons limit. Overweight Billed at $75 Per Ton.

Starting At

$ 550 For a 30 Yrd


Price Varies Per Dumpster Size, Job, And Location

Terms of Use & Conditions

Special Instructions

Dumpsters used for concrete, dirt, sand, brick, or gravel are only allowed to be filled halfway; the container cannot be filled to the top, Max of 10 tons to avoid an unlawful overweight. Do not place the following materials in the dumpsters: Hazardous Waste (any product labeled toxic, poison, corrosive, flammable, or irritant). Paint Oil Automotive Batteries Tires Electronic Waste (electronic equipment such as computers, TV’s)  No Infectious Waste (including used needles). The customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits or documents in regard to the placement of D & M RDS. Failure to obtain permits, the customer will be liable for any fines or penalties incurred by D & M RDS.  

Please Note:

*Mattress, Boxsprings, and Tires have an additional Charge of $ 75 Ea; Due to the Difficulty Of Disposal  In The Landfills.

*Do not block the location for the Dumpster, the Dumpster area should be accessible at All Times; If We are unable to deliver or pick up your dumpster due to any vehicles or materials blocking the access you will be charged a $ 250 trip fee.


Service Fees and Other Charges 

The customer must pay the total amount in the service invoice before the services are provided or a Roll-Off Dumpster is delivered.


Payment - The customer agrees that all additional charges associated with the service (such as overweight or extra rental time) will be paid to D & M RollOff on the day of pick up, failure to make payment will result in legal action. 


In this agreement, D & M Roll-Off is authorized to process and charge the customer's credit or debit card for all amounts due. The authorization includes any additional charges that may have been incurred. It is the customer's responsibility to perform the obligations outlined in their Cardholder Agreement with the issuer of the credit card, as well as to acknowledge receipt of the goods and services indicated in this agreement. Payments made with credit cards must be approved before they can be accepted as payment.

D & M RollOff  Dumpster Services LLC. shall not be held responsible for any damage caused during the rental period. Roll-off / Dumpster will most likely cause some damage, such as scratching and scrapes on the surface they are placed, due to its metal wheels and weight.  To prevent or minimize damages we strongly recommend that the dumpster be placed on a hard surface, we suggest placing various pieces of plywood beneath the dumpster to balance out the weight distribution and to protect your placement area. If placed on the lawn, the dumpster will sink into the ground and cause damage to the lawn surface and or irrigation system at delivery and pick up.

D & M RollOff Dumpster Services LLC, shall not be responsible for any damages during the rental period. The client is responsible for all damages to surfaces of the container location area and damages to any property associated, subsurface of any obstruction of route necessary to perform the services contained herein such as overhead objects, electrical wire, overhangs or trees, etc.

Prior to your scheduled dumpster pickup, kindly ensure that the contents inside are evenly dispersed and not protruding from the top. Additionally, it is mandatory to comply with the maximum weight limit of 10 tons and refrain from exceeding it.


To avoid penalties, lessees must unload dumpsters that exceed the 10 tons weight limit. In the event that D & M RollOff Dumpster Services is required to perform the unloading, additional charges will apply at a rate of $175 per hour.

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